Wordfence Central provides template-based security configuration management along with a view of security events across all your websites. Central is available for free to all Wordfence users, from Wordfence Free all the way to our VIP Wordfence Response customers.

  • Your Global Security Posture in a Single View

    Wordfence Central aggregates security events across all your websites and presents them in a single prioritized view. Receive notifications about security events via email, SMS, Slack, and Discord.

  • Template-Based Configuration Management

    Wordfence Central provides an efficient template-based configuration management system to make it easy to administer a large number of WordPress websites running Wordfence.

  • Launch Scans Across All Sites with One Click

    Wordfence Central allows you to launch scans and view scan results for all of your sites from one location.

Wordfence Central Supports Teams!

Wordfence Central now includes support for teams. Invite team members to access configuration management for all sites. Team members can see security status, scan results, initiate scans, and configure security policies, helping you delegate security and maximize your team’s productivity.

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