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How to Create a Portfolio Site on WordPress (In 8 Steps)

Lacking a professional portfolio can severely impact the types of client or employer you attract – especially if you’re a freelancer. Many won’t give this step due care and attention because they think it’s too complicated, or don’t know where to start. However, creating a professional-looking portfolio site on WordPress is a piece of cake! […]

Know your Malware – A Beginner’s Guide to Encoding Techniques Used to Obfuscate Malware

With the launch of Wordfence CLI, our high performance security scanner that can detect the vast majority of PHP malware targeting WordPress, Wordfence continues to emphasize the importance of malware detection and remediation. Malware targeting WordPress uses a variety of obfuscation techniques to avoid detection, and today’s post dives into some of the most common […]

8 Modern Property Management Website Templates for 2023

Are you looking for property management website templates? In this post, we’ll share some of the best ones to help you fast-track the website creation process by providing you with the core pages, structure, and functionality your site needs. The post 8 Modern Property Management Website Templates for 2023 appeared first on Themeisle Blog.

Visual Regression Testing: What It Is, Why and How to Implement It

Visual regression testing ensures that any changes you make to your site don’t interfere with the existing structure, features, or interface. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at it, including its benefits. Then, we’ll show you how to implement it on your website. The post Visual Regression Testing: What It Is, Why and […]

What Is a Theme Stylesheet (for WordPress Themes)?

In WordPress design, a fundamental player quietly shapes your website’s appearance: the theme stylesheet. You may be wondering, “What is a theme stylesheet?” Well, this essential component, coded in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), is the blueprint dictating how your site looks and feels. It’s responsible for the colors that catch your eye, the fonts that […]